Missing V1 analyzer SDK plugin features and ideas

Perhaps these are already on the list of TODOs/backlog but I figure I would mention them here:

In V1 an analyzer had the option to define any given “export” option. This is currently not available in V2 and is a major feature that is missing in my opinion. While the integrated spreadsheet in V2 is nice, it is quite limited in nature and it cannot possibly cover all the use cases that a developer of a plugin may want.

Is there a plan to support this?

Here is an example of a plugin running on V2 and its hamburger menu.

Here is the same plugin running on V1 which provides 3 custom define export options:

Is there a plan to also support the plugin’s “simulated data” that originates from the GenerateSimulationData analyzer API?

One thing that I have for a long time felt was missing from the analyzer SDK is an API for the analyzer to specify a version indicator. From a support standpoint it is often the case we would want to know what version of the analyzer plugin they are using in order to better diagnose the issue (of course with Windows DLLs you can embed this into the metadata of the DLL itself, but this is OS-specific). Today I have a very hacky, but clever, way of doing this by using the simulation data to convey a test sequence that embeds the version information and the user can then us the export options (as mentioned above) to produce a human readable version.

The better option would be for the API to allow the DLL to call some function during setup/initialization which would then be used in the analyzer’s settings window. Example:

What I missed from the export options the ability to export timestampless.

When reverse engineering protocols I often generated traces with A and B and diffed them (after removing manually the timestamp column with a regexp).