How do i use the Auto baud detection extension?

I cannot understand how to use this extension, can someone please explain?

Sorry I am no expert on this, but since I saw this I was curious. Hopefully the owner of the extension can give more detailed information.

Not sure if you are asking how to use the number and/or how to get the measurement… I am assuming the later.

So I installed it… I have up some SPI data, which is probably not the best thing for this, but I tried to measure the clk signal:

So I did a shift+left mouse click - drag to do a measurement of a region. and then shows up information on the measurement:


Sorry for my quick marking up of the screen capture, but you see the fbaud that I underlines, I think the extension generated this.

Not sure if I had to click on the sort of button my rough arrow is pointing to or not, I did, and that was when I noticed the baud, but it might have already been there.

Also unclear to me the 25mhz as I set the SPI clk to 10mhz, but then it is looking at both high to low and low to high so would expect 20mhz, but sampling at 50mhz… so maybe resolution.

Not sure if this helps or no

thanks!, ill give it a go