HLA user settings - check boxes?

I’m making an HLA (which is awesome, by the way) and would like to simply just turn on/off a few different parts of my parser. A checkbox setting option feels like the right fit for this, but from what I can see that doesn’t exist. Did I miss something? If not, could it be added? Couldn’t find this topic in a quick search.


Hi @TDHolmes,

You are right, we don’t currently have a checkbox setting type, but I like the idea! We have a feature board at https://ideas.saleae.com/b/feature-requests/ if you wouldn’t mind adding it there (or I can).

In the meantime, you should be able to use a ChoicesSettings with 2 options (“on”/“off”, for instance) to achieve the same goal.


that is what I’m doing in the meantime. I’ll add it!
edit: added - https://saleae.upvoty.com/b/feature-requests/hla-checkbox-user-setting

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