HLA checking setting input before closing


I am writing an HLA extension to analyse SPI frames for different IC with the same extension and I am asking the user for two inputs and there are some combinations of those two inputs that are not allowed, is there a way to check what the user has selected before saving and closing the settings UI?

@XenoMehdi As far as I am aware, we don’t have a way of filtering or not allowing setting choices based on other settings choices.

Can you let me know what inputs you are attempting to limit? Are they dropdown selections, or something else? Perhaps we can come up with a workaround.

Thank you for your reply, so what I am trying to achieve is developing one SPI analyser for 2 different generations of ICs, each generation had multiple devices (gen1: IC1, IC2 & gen2 IC3, IC4), I want to select the first gen for example and in the second String input put a daisy chain of devices (IC1, IC1, IC1, IC2, IC2, IC1….), if the devices set by the user are in the same generation then it ok and we can decode the SPI log, if not I want to inform the user to choose ICs from the gen. I hope that my example makes sense

@XenoMehdi Thanks for sharing those details. At the moment, you may need to list all of your ICs in a single dropdown list.

I don’t know of a way to organize your settings in that manner, but I’ll bring this up with the software team here and can report back in case we have a workaround for you.

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