High(er) level SWD analyser?

just started working with swd debugging and realised that the existing analyser is nice but very low level.
have anyone written a more hi-level analyser that focus on interpreting the transactions and might print low level protocol stuff only if there is an error on the bus?

@Jens Thanks for letting us know your need for this. I took a look at the availble high level analyzer (HLA) extensions from within our Extensions Marketplace, and it doesn’t look like this exists yet.

Having said that, we do provide the ability to create Python HLAs that sit on top of existing low level analyzers that can further provide high level interpretation of the underlying decoded data. More information on HLAs can be found in the link below:

Specifically, our SWD analyzer in its current state currently does not support HLAs. This is because it currently does not use the newer FrameV2 objects that are required by HLAs. This would have to be added to the SWD analyzer first, and we’ve provided instructions for it below:

thanks for directions. i have done some HLA, native V1 and V2 plugins for personal needs and might have a go at this unless someone gets ahead :slight_smile:

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