Frontend (web version) to view captured data

Hi !
Does it exist any code/software to view some captured data (.sal file or .csv data exported from ‘logic 2’ software) directly under web ?
I would like to share my captured data on my ‘apache serveur’, so in any code on php, java, python, etc
I would like people can see them and can move and focus on it.

Does this exist?

Thks a lot

Thanks for writing in! Sadly, we don’t have any way of viewing .sal files in a web browser. Though, there may be some public online tools to view csv files in a browser, though we don’t have any experience with them.

The only supported way of viewing .sal capture files is via our Logic 2 software.

I’d be curious to know more about your use case though. Can you describe your ideal workflow with regards to sharing captures among other people, or perhaps how you do that now? The experience and ease of capture sharing across multiple users is something we would really like to improve in the future.

This is something we’ve talked a bit about internally as a cool feature, for viewing captures online, or embedding them into a webpage, or potentially even remotely operating the device from a browser, without the need for a traditional remote desktop solution. Tablet and Phone support would be within reach too.

We would love to hear back from users how they might use this. Our main problem was that aside from simply being really cool, it was hard to justify the effort of maintaining the application front-end in a way for it to run from a regular web browser.

One of the nice things about electron is that we only have to maintain support for a single version of a single browser.

The good news is that our architecture isn’t too far off from this path, so in the future, when we have a larger team and more development resources, it won’t be too difficult to build hosted, in-browser version of the application.

Hi !

Yes It would be really nice to have this kind of tools.
Doesn’t matter what language as long as it can run on a web server like ‘apache’ and co.

In my case, I’m interested in the old 16bits computer like Amiga and Atari.
Ex : Amiga500 or Amiga600 it’s a old 16/32 bits Computer from the 1990’s
There are many similar breakdowns on this kind of equipment like RESET_SIGNAL (generated by NE555 on Amiga500 for ex.)
Or just, to understand how a floppy_drive work, see INDEX, DIR, MTR_ON, DKRD, TK0… works when we make a DIR, READ TRACK, WRITE TRACK, FORMAT command on a floppy disk.

Understanding and seeing the mechanism allows for better repair for sure.

So, just, for me, for example, share a .SAL a RESET_SIGNAL it will be nice.
Each user can be, scroll in the time of capture (like logic2), zoom in on a specific area, display signal measurements when the mouse cursor is in a zone.

You can take a look at some of my pages :

See you

@giants92 Thanks for sharing your web pages! I see what you mean. It would be great to actually be able to interact with your captures from within your web page. I noticed you implemented image swapping via mouse hover in the meantime as a workaround :slight_smile: .

I’ve got your idea noted in a new feature request post below so we can start tracking user need for it. I also referred back to this discuss forum post in case anyone was interested in the details you shared.