Extension / Analyzer to calculate sliding window

Hi team!
I’m new to Saleae and working on making an automated code to integrate with the machine.
I wondered if someone knows if any extension/analyzer exists that calculates sliding windows average (I need 3 different window sizes) on the raw data (CSV file) and keeps the maximum result for each window size.

@miamiHits Unfortunately, I don’t quite follow what your requirements are. Can you share more details about it? For example, I don’t understand what you mean by “sliding windows average” and “3 different window sizes.” Hope you can help explain that for me, and I’ll be happy to look into it for you.

@timreyes well, what I meant is -
If there is any extension/analyzer - that after the measurement has been done - returns the result of the “best” → or in other words, PEAK of sliding window of 1us.
This means - it will review all the raw data and check for the PEAK measure. then, instead of me, parsing all the raw data at the end of the measurement, I’ll get right away the PEAK results for 1us window (1us is just an example. As I mentioned before, I need to check the PEAK measurement for 3 different windows)

@miamiHits Ah, I think I got it now. You might be able to use the measurement extension that I created called “Voltage Min and Max.”

I’ve provided an example image of it in action below, with a measurement window size of 3us like in the use case you described. It will print the min and max voltage found in that measurement window.

Having said that, you did mention earlier that you were looking into implementing this as an automated function. We have a Python Automation API available below, however, we haven’t added the ability to allow it to add measurement boxes and take measurement readings.

The feature request post for this is below in case you wanted to add your vote/comment on it: