DMX512 analyzer clock drift prevents proper decoding of whole frame

When using the DMX512 decoder, the first few slots decode just fine:

However at the end of the packet, clock slip makes the DMX512 packet decoding fail while a standard serial analyzer works as expected:

Slot 453 is where the clock drift starts to be enough to cause a wrong decoding. I’m sending all 0x00 and decoder gets 0x80.

Sorry about this behavior! This has been a known issue for quite some time now, and unfortunately (given our current software team size of only 3 members) we haven’t gotten to fixing it. We do have this behavior recorded on our backlog.

Ideally, the analyzer should resync on every start bit, rather than only at the start of the stream of data.

If anyone with C++ experience is up to the task, we provide our DMX analyzer code as open source, in addition to our protocol analyzer SDK below:

I’ll go ahead and record your need for this to be fixed, and I’ll bring this up with the team to see if we can bump this up in priority. Sadly, without expanding our software team, we may need to hold off on providing a solution for now. Apologies for not having an immediate solution for you.

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