SPI Analyzer deliver wrong decoded data

Hi everyone,
i use the SPI Analyzer, which is a great tool but some bytes are wrong decoded.

Is it my fault? I have to change the settings? If yes, how? The another decoded bytes are ok and make sense for me…
I use the version 2.3.50 “{“Environment”:“production”,“Branch”:“master”,“Commit”:“6d8cca190ecbdc1a52b82e132256117b89153004”,“Version”:“2.3.50”,“MachineID”:“ad110216-cd5e-48c1-a8e5-xxxxxxxxxxxx”,“PID”:9764}”
Thank you for your answers!

Hi @g.gabriel,

It looks like the clock phase for your SPI traffic is using the trailing edge, but the analyzer is using the leading edge. You can update this in the SPI analyzer settings:

I hope that resolves your issue!

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Thank you!
That helped me! Now all bytes are decoding correct.