Displaying parts of received SPI message of analyzer

I receive a 32-bit message on SPI, displayed as binary

The bit-fields sometimes are not at 4-bit nibble boundary, so hard to evaluate (see “5-bit address” ):

Is there a way to e.g. cut out “5-bit address” (mask bit25…bit29 =0b01010 and shift down) and display as “0xA” or decimal “10”?

@novak Thanks for checking in on this. The best solution might be to create an HLA (high level analyzer) Python extension that would sit on top of the SPI analyzer and will perform a 2nd layer of decoding.

You might be able to utilize some examples availabe from within our Extensions Marketplace in our Logic 2 app. One example is below:

Hope that helps!

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I’m not good at Python, but I am in C, and it seems quite self-explanatory with the examples.
Thanks, Tim, I go for it!

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