Decode cc1101 or cc1121 data

Hi i’m new here and i just got my saleae analyzer, and i give it a first try i solder some bodge wire to a cc1121 module on MISO/MOSI/CS/CLK and i got some RF data but i can not understand how to interpret that data since i only get the hex value and not the function of the hex value, so my question is, is there a cc1101 or cc1121 decoder witch parse all my hex value and give me the correct function ? like in this example :
Address Name HEX Value
0x00 IOCFG3 0x02
0x01 SYNC3 0x06
0x02 PREAMBLE 0x40
0x03 PKT_LEN 0x51
0x04 FREQ2 0x62

The Hex value is the data that i get with the saleae when listening, But i don’t know how can i attribute the name for each hex value automatically, at this point i only have the hex value… if anyone can help me out i will appreciate . i’m really new in logic analyzers…

@levmarvel85 Welcome to the forums! A Python High Level Extension (HLA) which would sit on top of the SPI analyzer to perform a second layer of decoding sounds perfect for this job. Here is our HLA documentation below.

I took a quick look at the already available extensions that have been uploaded to our Extensions Marketplace by our community of users, but I couldn’t find one that was ready-made for cc1101 or cc1121 decoding, though if you find one, feel free to correct me! Here’s a link below with instructions on how to look through the already-available extensions.

You can certainly use some of them as examples for your own HLA should you decide to develop one for cc1101 or cc1121 decoding.

Hope that helps!

I wrote one for an earlier version of the high level analyzer while it was in beta. Let me know if that seems interesting and I’ll see if I can formalize and contribute it.

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Hi, yes sure that will be very interesting!

I found the decoder I wrote and submitted it as a marketplace extension for Saleae. It doesn’t have everything, but it has the interesting registers of the cc1101. If you want to look at it, it’s here. GitHub - smdjeff/saleae-cc1101: Saleae Decoder for CC1101 SPI Bus enjoy!

Great ! you made my day… thank you very much !!