TI's CC1111 Usb dongle communication with Salea Logic 8

Hi All,
I am new to frequency world. I am trying to capture the data from CC1111 Usb dongle from Texas Instruments on saleae without choosing any Mode to capture data. Just connected the saleae with Data /CS Pins of CC1111 and start the saleae.But the data recieved , i am not able to interpret as we dont have any kind of bit timing diagram from TI 's cc1111 that could denote bit data that how we will represent as following for example

(the above screenshot is just for example actually this kind of cycle 1-bit format not provided by CC1111
. If any one have used any TI 's chipset with Saleae and suggest some special settings to be done to capture the data.

The below is the raw data being captured from Saleae with CC1111 dongle without any specific mode on (no async/no i2c etc mode on) just play the saleae button to capture the triggered data.

Please suggest how we can interpret this data

Thanks ,
Rohit Jindaln

@rohitjindal8787 Thanks for writing in and for sharing your requirements! Based on the image you shared, we don’t have an analyzer that exactly fits those timings.

Our “Addressable LEDs” analyzer seems to be the closest to your requirement. However, it follows a different timing rule (WS2811 LED standard is one of the modes) as shown below.

If you have extensive experience with C++, you can modify the behavior of our Addressable LED analyzer to fit your timing requirent. We provide our protocol analyzer SDK, as well as the source code for our Addressable LED analyzer in the support article below.

Apologies we don’t have an immediate solution for your particular protocol.