Default color for analyzer decoding

First, congrats on making the analyzer outputs much easier to read when zoomed out. Major enhancement.

first a request: Could you avoid truncating the analyzer result with “…” unless it is too long to fit into the bar? I have a lot of packets that are long enough to get truncated but that would fit on the bar if not for the truncation

And an easy improvement:
Could you make the default color of a new analyzer match the wire color?

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See Declutter and fill analyzer output - Logic 2 - Ideas and Feature Requests - Saleae.

I nag Saleae on this topic fairly regularly and they are about due another nag. It gives me pain every day I use the analyser!

Thanks for the reminder @P.Jaquiery! We’ll keep an eye on this feature request for now. Unfortunately, it’s not on the immediate roadmap to fix. I just pinged our team about this.

@Adrian Would you mind adding your vote, or any comments you have below? We would like to continue monitoring user need for this to help with prioritization. I agree this should be addressed eventually - just a matter of where this would fit into our roadmap.

As for your improvement idea:

Could you make the default color of a new analyzer match the wire color?

Could you post that idea to the link below? In your idea post, let us know how you’d like us to handle colors for multi-channel analyzers as well. For example, when adding a SPI analyzer, would you prefer 4 separate colors for each data channel (MOSI, MISO, CLK, EN)? We opted to keep the colors consistent for all analyzer data channels, hence keeping it separate from the wire colors.

Thanks @timreyes. The “nag” comment was somewhat tongue in cheek, but the “pain every day” comment is real. From the outside it seems like an easy fix and would make at least a couple of customers very happy. But I understand the need for focus and bang for buck.

It may be a bigger issue for me than many people because I run multiple async serial channels at 912600 Baud as diagnostic output. I also run a fairly chatty HLA looking at I2C transactions. Both generate bursts of several hundred characters and trying to read those through a 50 character window by scrolling the trace is a significant pain!