Ctrl-Clicking value in capture, data table offset by 1

It just keeps getting better!
A minor issue, but it still seems like a minor bug.
After I make a recording of Async Serial, I control-click on the first value of the recording, the data table appears and shows the second value at the top. It is not selected. When I scroll up there is one more value, the correct one, and it shows up as the selected one. So the Data table should show Data[0] at the top, not Data[1].
So to reproduce this little thing:
When I click on the 3rd value, it appears at the top of the table.
When I click on the 2nd value, it appears at the top of the table.
When I click on the 1st value, it doesn’t show up at the top of the table, but the second value still shows up at the top, but is no longer selected. After scrolling up we find the first value, selected.

I hope you understand what I mean.
This shows the wrong value at the top (it is not selected though)

This shows the correct value, only after scrolling up (it is selected)

If we Control-click values more down the capture, it works correct, I think it’s just the first one, because, it starts from index 0, not 1?

@jberkhout Oh wow, thanks for catching that bug. We’ll get this fixed! We were quickly able to reproduce it using your steps. Thanks for detailing that for us.

Thumbs up! This is what sets you apart from the competition! Nothing else can come close. :slight_smile: