How to Jump to Last Entry in Data Table

Right now I’m scrolling for minutes by press and hold at the bottom of the scroll bar. Various combinations of modifier keys and the down arrow or page down don’t get me there. And I’ve never actually reached the end of the I2C Data Table because the capture is too large to get there by scrolling.

On both MacBook Intel and Mac Mini M1 the End key gets me from Channel 0 vertically to Channel 7 if my window was too small to show all the channels. I need an End that goes horizontally in the traces window to the last data capture and to the bottom vertically in the Data Table to the last data captured. The End key has no effect in the Data Table pane.

On a related note, Command-Click on the last data point in the traces window does NOT make the Data Table jump to the corresponding textual data.

@jvande Sorry for the trouble with that. I’m suspecting that the Data Table is still indexing and processing the results.

You should be able to Command-Click the last data point above your waveform as long as the indexing and processing has completed. Can you confirm if a green check mark appears next to “I2C” and the “Data Table” like shown below?
Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 6.25.25 PM