Combine multiple bits of state machine digital signals and have text on screen

Could you help me to put text(e.g. IDLE) on the GUI depending on some digital bits as shown in picture in purple color? I am ok with any solution like combining signals and have a single bus
Which tool shall I use to achieve this?

Example: When
state_bit_1 , state_bit_0 = “00” then I would like to have a text “IDLE”
state_bit_1 , state_bit_0 = “01” then I would like to have a text “PREPARE”

I am very very new to this tool. I already lost some hours to achieve this. Some help is appreciated.

@oktem Unfortunately, we don’t have a simple and fast way of decoding based on a truth table. This could be an awesome feature to eventually support from within the UI (i.e. output decoded text based on channel states).

Right now, the best solution we can propose is for you to develop a new LLA (low level analyzer) using our analyzer SDK below. You will need C++ experience to do so, and quite frankly, it’s a bit of an overkill solution given the simplicity of decoding that you need, but it would be possible.

One thing we’re thinking of adding in the future is the ability to generate a virtual channel based on MATH or a truth table.

I understand that would not exactly be the solution you are looking for, but it comes quite close, and in case we decide to implement it, the ability to apply a truth table to multiple channels while calculating a particular result might put us in a good position to implement a simple decoding scheme like you’ve shared.

As such, I went ahead and added a comment for you in the idea post above so we can remember your particular need for this feature to be implemented. I’ll also bring your idea up with our product team.

When we can use multiple inputs with HLAs this will be trivial as an HLA. :smiley:

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