Bug Report: labels not preserved when switching devices

I am running v1.2.18 with a logic pro 16 and logic pro 8 on the same linux host. If I enter labels with the logic16 selected, then select the logic8 and enter new labels, my original logic16 labels are lost when I re-select it.

Sorry for the trouble with this! This bug should be fixed in the latest version of Logic 2.x. Can you give that a shot and let me know if that works?

Download Logic 2.x:

I am running Logic 1.2 on a headless linux system via X windows (since I don’t have physical access to the lab during quarantine). I was unable to get Logic 2 running at all in this mode, but didn’t try that hard. Let me know if you think Logic 2 should work in this mode and I can have another go.

Thanks for clarifying. If you need to continue using our Socket API automation utility, then you’ll need to stick with Logic 1.x for now.

To ensure we are on the same page, can you let me know which labels you are referring to exactly? A screenshot might help as well.

I am not using the socket API automation. I just ssh into a headless linux system and launch Logic 1.2. This displays the main application window on my computer via X windows.

The labels I am referring to are the ones on the left-hand side of this screen shot (“CAN 14 H”, etc):

I ran this by the team over here. It looks like Logic 2.x may not be supported in your mode of operation as it’s a use case that we haven’t fully tested. You’ll need to use Logic 1.x for now if you plan to use it in that environment.

As for the bug with the labels, we don’t plan on making any further updates to Logic 1.x. Though, I can’t seem to reproduce it over here. I’m wondering if there may be a workaround for it.

  1. What are the exact steps to show the issue, and is it consistently reproducible?
  2. Does the same issue show up with the latest version of Logic 1.x below?