Automatization changing Label

Hello I am using Logic 2 automation, but I cannot find how to change the label programmatically , so for instance replace “Channel 0” for something else. Is there any way to do it? Or at least is there any way that the labels are not reset to default so at least I can set them up manually? The current software resets the label that I introduce manually, to the default “Channel X”. Thanks!

@albert.caba Sorry we don’t have this feature available! Coincidentally, another user also requested this feature recently in a forum post below:

I’ve added your request to an idea post we are tracking for this below. We’ll keep an eye on interest in this in the meantime before we commit it to the roadmap. Feel free to add your vote to it!

By the way, for your question below:

That’s certainly strange behavior. When restarting the app, the channel names used should persist. Can you let me know the exact steps you take to have the channel names revert to their default values?

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your answer. I took a deeper look into this and this is how to reproduce the issue for me:

  • Open Logic.exe manually.
  • Change label from “Channel 0” to “Test Label”
  • Start python script example-> manager.connect, start_capture…
  • Once start_capture is called, the label changes from “Test Label” to “Channel 0”. automatically
  • after saving the capture and stopping it, the label changes back from “Channel 0” to “Test Label” automatically.
  • When I open the saved capture, the label is called “Channel 0”.

This is how happens with me, can you reproduce it, or am I doing something wrong? I am using version 2.4.2.


@albert.caba Thanks for sharing those steps. I see what you mean now. It looks like we’ll need to add the ability for the Automation API to edit channel names. Sorry we don’t have a workaround for you right now.

When automating our software using the Automation API, the Logic2 app will run a brand new “clean slate” session, which is separate from what was previously configured via the UI. This is why you are noticing settings such as the channel names to be reset. This behavior allows automation scripts to run under known app conditions and prevents conflicts with settings that might have been configured beforehand.

Hi @timreyes , thank you for your answer, please let me know once there is a fix as this prevents us to use the tool in production. I think this is an issue that most people will face, as if you are using 8 or 16 channels and you don’t have the labels for it, makes it impossible to use the capture for anything. Thanks!

@albert.caba Sure thing. To get an automated email when a feature is implemented, you may add your vote to the idea post below. This will allow you to receive any status updates via email with regards to the particular idea post.

Hi @timreyes I see that the topic had some votes. Is this going to be implemented? How can I see what are the current features being worked on? Thanks

@albert.caba We’ve got this idea logged internally, though we unfortunately don’t have a planned release date for it yet, nor do we have a way of publicly sharing our roadmap — we certainly should though! Subscribing to the idea post I mentioned above will be the best way to stay up to date on that particular feature, as you would receive a notification once it’s status changes to “Live.”

Apologies I’m unable to share much more information than that.