Lost Labels

Often, when I close Logic 2, the labels on the signals get lost, and revert to the default channel x values. Should these be saved on change, or do I need to take specific action?


@Glenn - Thanks for reporting this to us, and sorry for the trouble this is causing. This is not the intended behavior. The channel name settings should persist.

We haven’t had luck with reproducing the error though. Would you mind sharing the exact steps you take the reproduce the issue? Also, is it reproducible 100% of the time?

Hoping we can solve this asap.

Nothing special. I set a bunch of long labels. When I close and re-open Logic2 (from the Mac tool bar, the labels are gone.

For example, I recreated the labels this morning, and the app was left open. I just closed and re-opened it.

(Latest MacOs and application)

Had you sampled data after changing the labels? I find that if I change channel labels then close Logic2 without sampling the changes are lost.
This is on Windows, but it’s pretty likely the same on Mac.

Yes, I have. I was capturing data (and saving some) all day. The labels disappeared on closing and re-opening the Application.

Out of curiosity, where are they stored? I can see if that file is changing, or lost.

This is quite strange. Other users are reporting the same issue, though we still haven’t been able to reproduce it on our end. We’ll run more tests.

In the meantime, I’d like to share how we’ve been going about attempting to reproduce this. You can find our attempt process in the video below:

Let me know if you find any differences with how you are causing the issue to come up! Also, let me know if you are able to test the same process as we share in the video to see if that also causes the issue to come up.

The only difference I see is that I wasn’t saving the settings as a preset. Even with this, I still see loss of some labels.

We’ve got this on the backlog to fix now! It seems we may have found the culprit. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

@Glenn It seems we’re having some more trouble over here with finding this bug.

There are some things that might help us out if you can provide it:

  • A video of the issue
  • What model logic analyzer do you have connected?
  • Do you have any other logic analyzers connected to the PC at the time of the issue?

Feel free to also send the video via an attachment below:

Just share a link to this discuss forum post in the message so that I know it’s you. We’re hoping to get to the bottom of this bug soon!

@Glenn We finally have a release of Logic 2 that may have solved the issue with channel labels getting lost. Would you mind testing it out and letting us know if that solves it?

V2.3.28 looks like it fixed the issue. Thanks for your help.

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