Analyzers not working on old acquisitions

I’ve noticed that after 2.3.33, if I load an old acquisition, the analyzers (Async serial and custom python analyzer) defined in the acq are not loaded properly. The async serial percentage as well as the custom analyzer percentage remain set to 0%.

If I install 2.3.33 everything is fine.

The problem must have been introduced between 34 and 37, because already in 37 it occurs. Unfortunately I don’t have the installers of 34, 35 and 36 and they cannot be downloaded anymore. Thanks for checking the behavior on several different versions. Analyzers do get stuck at 0% from time to time, and this is a known issue we have on our backlog to resolve. The next time an analyzer gets stuck at 0%, can you try restarting the analyzer? Instructions can be found below under the troubleshooting section.

Also, how often does the 0% issue occur? What happens when you remove your python HLA? Can you attach a copy of your capture file?

Hi Tim
the problem is 100% reproducible with my old acquisitions. > 33 = problem ,<=33 = ok.
If I restart the async serial analyzer then it works, and my associated custom analyzer starts to work too.
As info, in my acq there are 2 signals with the async serial analyzer for each signal together with the associated custom analyzer.

Hi, thanks for confirming that for me. This is in fact a known bug at the moment. We have this on our backlog to fix, but unfortunately can’t prioritize it right now. I’ve added your notes into our internal bug backlog tracker for this.

I’d suggest continuing to use the latest version of the Logic 2 app while using the “Analyzer Restart” option when this happens, since we’ve fixed several other bugs and and stability improvements since v2.3.33. Apologies for the hassle that causes in the meantime…