Ability to name nickname analyzer HW to distinguish between multiples

Typically I have more than one analyzer hooked up (sometimes three!), and it’s annoying when spawning a new window to try and remember which is which just by position…it would be amazing to be able to give them nicknames / friendly names - is this possible somehow and I’m just missing the option?

@Kris Thanks for letting us know your need for that. I completely agree with you! This was actually possible in the past, however, we just haven’t had a chance to port that feature over to the latest software just yet due to time constraints and other priority projects on our plate.

I just added a comment for you in the existing feature request post below that links back to your forum post here so we can keep track of your need for this.

thanks! and how in the world did i miss that in the feature requests! :man_facepalming: