Question about "Terminal" icon in Logic 2


I’ve been looking into getting a portable logic analyzer and was checking out the Logic 2 software. I was confused on what the “Pro” badge on the terminal icon means. Does mean that such a feature is locked behind the pro analyzer line (Logic Pro 8 and 16)? The feature still seems to work (though I am testing everything in demo mode), so I wonder if it just means “protocol”? I couldn’t seem to find anything detailing this and I don’t want to end up having to “pay” for features.

I really want to make sure I understand what the product is and what to expect before I invest into getting one. It seems like the capabilities of the Logics can only go up with software and its great to see you guys pushing that front. I do worry about the timeline of getting specific features as there are just so many things people want.



First of all, welcome to our forum! :slight_smile:
The PRO badge is not related to the device type and the app supports all of our devices (although officially we don’t support the original Logic). We’ll share more details in regards to the PRO badge soon.

What worries you about the timeline?

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Oh? That sounds very interesting, but it also makes me a bit more hesitant to get a Logic now. If features will be potentially locked behind “paywalls” I’m not as sure this device is suited for me (as a university student).

While I understand how this might make sense to a professional (buying extra features as needed), I was viewing the Logic as a platform that would gain features through the software as my skill set grows. (Maybe this is unrealistic and unsustainable as a company and I totally respect the decisions if that is the reasoning.)

Hopefully I’ve jumped to conclusions too fast and the Pro badge has nothing to do with all of this :smile:! Could you give us a hint of when something will be said of it? (Trying to figure out if I have to look at other options to continue my project.)

As for the timeline, nothing specific, just that there is so much to do! The constant updates make me hopeful, but requesting a specific feature might take a while.

No worries. You can assure you that you can use Logic 2 :slight_smile:

That didn’t really answer my question about if future software features will have to be bought… I guess I’ll wait for the announcement then!