Linux AppImage Icon

I have a Logic 8 and I love it - although I would like to present what is possibly the most pedantic (read: irrelevant) issue ever(!)

On Linux, with the AppImage, Logic doesn’t have its own icon, instead using the default Electron one:

I (and many others I know) use AppImageLauncher which puts AppImages in the GNOME applications list/search. This makes Logic very easy to access, but has the drawback of making this lack of an icon more obvious!

I’m not sure how much effort it is to change (I dare say if it’s more than “not much at all” this is not worth fixing!) but is this something you’re aware of/have a plan to fix?


@georgep You bring up a great point - not pedantic at all! I’m not too happy with it either.
Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 4.56.03 PM

I’m one of the hw engineers on the team, so I don’t quite know the reasoning as to why we aren’t able to add a proper icon. I suspect it might be due to a limitation with the AppImage file format, though it’s just a guess. If this was a quick fix, I’m sure we would have fixed it awhile ago.

I’ll bring this up with the team here, though this is something that’s come up often internally as well.

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