2 Improvement Requests

After using Logic 2, I found a couple of issues:

  1. After updating the software, the icon that is pinned to my taskbar is removed. I have to re-open the app and re-pin to get it back each time I update.

  2. When hitting play to start capture, the “Recording” progress window always appears on top of the logic traces. When using this for real time viewing, this is quite annoying. I find myself constantly moving it out of the way each time I re-start recording.

Other than that, it seems to work great.

Hey @jon!

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  1. Are you on MacOS? We need to fix the auto-update. It’d make the upgrade process much easier and also fix that issue.
  2. Done. It’ll be available on the next version. In the meantime, you can minimize that window by clicking on the x button

I am on Windows 10.

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Thanks, we’ll look into this. We haven’t tried to pin the app to be honest

I’m on Windows 10 too and see the same install “issue”. It may not be fixable (I haven’t been deep in the engine room of MSI for at least 10 years so I can’t remember what’s possible), but my guess is that there is Windows magic that would do the right thing, but is broken due to the install process. Maybe there is some GUID or version magic not being handled right? (Check things like the ProductCode and UpgradeCode GUIDs. Also check the Upgrade table’s UpgradeCode GUIDs and version numbers.)

A related install time issue is that the desktop icon gets moved to whatever the default install time position might be, rather than where I put it last time.

In related news, the icon for Logic2 pinned to the task bar is broken since 2.2.11 at least. Looks like it’s pointing at an old version of the .exe that’s no longer around. Has there been a change in the install location or name of the .exe file or of the ICON resource used (packaged inside the .exe) perhaps?

Hm, I suspect I know what’s happening. I ignored the first report we saw of this, since the icon seems to be fine on my machine, but it could be that pinning is related.

In the meantime, could you confirm that your shortcut points here, and that the file exists?
“C:\Program Files\Logic\Logic.exe”

Each time the software is updated, the current version is uninstalled and the new version is installed automatically.
When the software is installed, it adds shortcuts to your desktop and start menu labeled “Logic 2.2.13” (or whatever the version number is).
When you pin the application to the taskbar, and then uninstall the application, the icon breaks. (becomes the usual blank page icon).
Then, when i install the application again, the icon does not come back. And, something quite odd happened.
I opened the SW after installing from the start menu (not from the pinned taskbar icon).
The pinned icon was still broken, but it was selected, indicating that it was open and the active window. still no icon though.
Then I closed the application. I expected the icon to open the SW again, but instead windows just removed it, informing me that the application could not be found.

  1. Let me know if un-pinning and re-pinning fixes it.
  2. We hope to change our updater from a uninstall/re-install process to an in-place upgrade process. this should speed up updates, but it might also fix this problem for you. Not sure on that though.

I already did the un-pin/re-pin thing and it does fix the icon. I can’t check where the pinned icon points with the usual right click/properties mantra so I’d have to dig into registry, but it’s too late for that now with this version (I can make that check if needed for the 2.2.14 update if the problem is still there :slight_smile: ).

The desktop icon is correct and as expected does point to the correct install location (D:\Logic in my case).

A full on Windows installer (your planned change - 2.) handles these sort of issues correctly. It can be major work to get right depending on the installer toolbox you are using!