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It’s been a little while since the last release. Most of our development efforts continue to be focused on functionality we’re not ready to announce, and in the meantime, releases tend to be on the lighter side.

Thanks everyone for the feedback on the toolbar. We’ve reduced the toolbar height by a total of 36 pixels, by making the design more compact, and removing some recently added height from the timing display. As always, please leave your feedback!


  • Updated the toolbar and timing display at the top of the application to save space to display more channels at once.
  • Moved the device settings back into the sidebar.
  • Removed the lower-right corner menu. The top of window/top of screen menu is now the main menu.
  • Improved onboarding dialog for first time users.
  • Improved session placeholder, which is displayed when no tabs are open.
  • Added support for the latest hardware revision of the Logic 8. This is the last planned hardware revision change. Let’s all pray that we don’t see another supply chain shortage for a good long while.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with automation API where when calling the start capture command, the capture would not actually start until slightly after the command returned. This could lead to missing what you are looking for. Now the device is guaranteed to start recording before the start command returns.
  • Updated the Electron version, which among many small things improves rendering reliability on Linux.
  • Fixed a bug where on Linux the application would crash when recording 1 digital channel at 1 MS/s.

The UI is improved for real estate visibility, but still not very friendly to a long-time user as far as muscle memory. In particular, the ‘play’ button being relocated to the top center vs. top right of the display. For my usage, I’ve found myself still reverting back to 2.4.10 to keep the more familiar layout :frowning: At this point, there is an empty space where a second play button could be put (so you could just have it in both places).

Likewise, the ‘quick access’ to cursers – why have a sub-menu icon vs. make both marker choices directly available (single vs. pair) at the top level? (see previous Logic 2.4.11 thread response for a suggested layout).

For all the bashing of Microsoft (often justifiable :wink: ) – the MS Office UI does provide multiple ways to access (and customize):

  • Menu bar icons (with user-customized icons & toolbars)
  • Context sensitive right-click menu
  • Hot-Key / keyboard shortcuts
    (with tool-tips above to ‘hint’ at shortcut keystroke(s))

Thus, newbies get some obvious UI hints to the common features, but power-users have more efficient access to the most-used features, as well as personalization options to decide what is ‘most used’ for themselves. With tool-tips and other ‘hints’ the UI is more self-documenting to help newbies transition over time into becoming power-users, too.

I’m not sure how others may feel about the new look – but I think a few minor tweaks would really help any long-time customers used to the previous UI arrangement.

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The reduced size of the horizontal toolbar is a good step on the right direction. However, this iteration still raises questions, actually three.

  1. UI has two areas for commands: right pane and horizontal toolbar. Having one single area for commands would provide a better user interface and experience.
  2. Except for the start/stop button, the other three of the four icons are duplicated of the right pane, which create confusion.
  3. I am using a second display for debugging with Saleae Logic. Real estate is limited, and much vertical space is lost with the horizontal bar.

Could next release move the start/stop button to the right pane and provide an option to hide the horizontal toolbar?

That way, everyone will be happy: improved user experience with the start/stop button and an option to have one or two areas for commands, either right pane alone or right pane plus toolbar.

Now, I don’t know whether this toolbar is critical for the “functionality we’re not ready to announce” :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I strongly agree on all points! Another item you could add is:

  1. Too much wasted vertical space in the vertical tool bar/right pane.

This becomes a major pain if the application window is reduced to its minimum height when half the tool options are hidden and inaccessible.

I also use a two screen setup. I have an IDE open full screen on one and everything else, lots of everything else, carefully overlapped and tiled on my second screen. As you sat, real estate is limited, and precious.

Did anyone mention “muscle memory” wrt to the start button recently?


100% agree on moving all icons to the right-side vertical menu. The screenshot by rei_vilo nails it.

Worth considering whether a “zen mode” (a la vscode) could make sense, possibly configurable to allow people to decide what elements to hide/show if you think no one-size-fits-all.

Also, hotkeys, or key modifiers for clicking the timeline would be great. eg right now you can click on the timeline and get a timing marker. But how can I easily get a marker pair? Holding shift highlights the “take measurement,” can something (eg hold control) be added to enable a pair?

Great progress, thanks!


Procedure entry point DiscardVirtualMemory not found in DLL.

Windows 8.1 Pro 6.3.9600.18969

According to the changelog, Saleae has recently updated the Electron version used for building Logic software. However, per a StackOverflow post – it appears that Electron 23+ has dropped support for older Windows versions, following Google sunsetting support in Chrome/Chromium 110+ for older Windows versions.

Per the Logic changelog, previously noted updates to Electron were:

  • Update to Electron 19 (as of Logic 2.4.9)
  • Update to a custom Electron build (Logic 2.4.13 for Linux platform only?)

So, you may need to revert back to a previous Logic software version that still supports Windows 8.1, unless Saleae can comment that it is still supported?

Otherwise, if sunsetting pre-Windows 10 is now official, then I’d suggest the download page should be updated – as it still claims Windows 8 support for now:

Likewise, perhaps some additional tweaks to help any obsolete Windows users:

  • Latest installer could check Windows version
    (warn if OS version is not supported, abort installation)
  • The auto-updater could freeze / skip new updates for any pre-Windows 10 host

[Edit] for reference, it looks like Logic 2.4.10 uses "Electron/19.1.9" based on searching Logic.exe binary w/ hex editor for the string "Electron/"

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@BitBob is correct. Sorry we hadn’t clarified that when we updated the software! Thank you @BitBob for sharing all of those reference links as well.

We’ll work on getting our online documentation updated to reflect this change.

@alexargc2012 You may want to stick to version 2.4.13, which can be downloaded below.

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