How to get which analyzer to use when snapshot has only one channel on 4?

Hi, I am a new to Saleae, Logic 2. I received a file created with a logic adapter from a tablet. The tablet had 5 pin so I think that’s why I have 5 channels. I thought it would have had a line with information and another one with the clock to know where the information is.

So how to know which analyzer to use? Or how to guess it ?

@officialdataguild The protocol will need to be known ahead of time in order for our Logic software to decode the underlying data, or assumptions can be made based on the pattern of the recorded data. Unfortunately, our software doesn’t have the ability to guess the best settings to use to decode the recorded data.

Do you happen to have any information regarding the 5 pins that were recorded using the Logic software? Perhaps we could help try and narrow down what protocol your capture may have recorded.

If you can share your capture file (in .sal file format), we could play with it over here to see if we could decode anything out of it.