2.2.19 Alpha


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What’s new

  • In-app release notes :slight_smile:


  • Maintain data table column widths between sessions and in saved files
  • Notify if an irrecoverable connection error occurs
  • Updated dropdown menu colors
  • Upgraded Presets UX
  • HLAs now support buffer objects (bytes, bytearray, etc.) with more than 1 byte
  • More descriptive HLA errors

Bug fixes

  • Persist selected data pane (table/terminal)
  • Blank screen crash due to incorrect handling of config upgrade on version update
  • Changed to a more reliable unzip library for loading saved captures
  • Sync analyzer color to data table
  • More accurate memory usage tracking
  • HLAs becoming unresponsive when raising an exception inside of set_settings

@rani I like the way the Preset options are implemented in release 2.2.19.

As a minor improvement, I would place the option Load Preset just below the separator, as it is the priority feature.

Thank you!

I placed a copy of this post on the 2.2.9 thread, as it is relevant to that specific release.

I don’t have my equipment here so I can’t proceed with the tests on the I²C and SPI devices I reported earlier.

@rani On the dialog box below, which I²C am I trying to define?

Answer: it is SDA.

  • I would suggest to highlight the SDA label, as the second line is just in front of SCL.

Is there a way yet to see what the average duty cycle is over a long area of samples. I’ve added a measurement


First of all, welcome to our forum!
Measurements are now part of the marketplace on Logic 2.3.0, and you can install more measurements that other users built and shared. AFAIK, we don’t have one for duty cycle though.
@timreyes might be working on one, but you’re also welcome to create your own :slight_smile:

@rei_vilo Sorry for the delayed reply. It’s actually confusing because of the spacing of the fields and dropdown items are somehow lining up. We will fix it. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks rani and tanveer. I sent a list of things about 2.3.0 to timreyes yesterday along with a request for him to do a duty cycle measurement, so I’ll check back.

Is there a way to set the LED mode/color in the 2.3.0 alpha version yet?

Not at the moment, in fact we decided to use the LEDs to display status. bright green means recording, dim green means active, and dim white means connected but not active or recording (only possible when 2 or more devices are attached).

Just curious, what do you use LED colors for? Just for fun, or for some purpose?

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It has been a long time Mark!!! I’m troubleshooting an odd USB2 issue with timreyes where my system (Dell 5770) will have readtimeouts unless I also have an Atmel Ice plugged in, so I was doing some more testing with a gen1 logic16 and also a gen2 logic 8 on the 2.3.0 release.

Actually I prefer just a simple dim light instead of the fading in/out. I hope you guys still make it an option to control the LED, it isn’t critical, but it was a nice touch.

With Logic1 I used the LED colour just for fun. In the game industry it seems there is more effort put in to setting up your avatar than any other component of the game, so there is prior art for that. :smiley:

When we got our first Saleae analyser almost the first thing we did was cover the LED with blue tack. The pulsing LED was driving us crazy! So glad that’s not a feature of Logic2.

Showing status, especially connect status, sound pretty sane to me. Being able to change the colour for individual devices so they can be quickly identified where multiple devices are connected could be really helpful, but maybe that’s not a common as it should be?

Hi @alank2, I just finished the duty cycle extension! You will find it on the extensions list of the software and you can install it from there.

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Thanks TIm! I will try it out!

Works great Tim! Good job!!

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