[Your Input Needed] Timing Marker User Interaction (Poll)

Thanks for the clarification!

I just wish you guys can improve the 1.2.29, i really like the way how the cursor works in that version, it is so nice that i can pick and drop the curious either by mouse or the number keys

Thanks for the feedback @sunny.xiong. In Logic 2, you can drag and drop existing timing markers using your mouse. Is this not working on your end, or were you looking for something different?

For the keyboard shortcut regarding number keys, you’re right. This is something we didn’t implement in Logic 2. Do you find yourself needing this often? I went ahead and added your idea to the link below:

We’d like to continue tracking user need for this feature before committing this to the roadmap. Free to add your votes/comments to it, as well as describing your use case in the post to give us a better idea of how it would be used.