Timing Markers List Order

Timing Markers are assigned an index number when you create them, which appears to be immutable. This means if I create a marker “T0” and then want to create another marker (automatically named “T1”) at an earlier instance in the timeline, it will still appear “later” in the list of markers.

Is there a way to reorder the markers as the appear in the sidebar/list so that they’re in chronological order?

@zakatk857 Ah, you’re right. We currently don’t have a way of re-ordering or renaming timing markers, though timing markers can contain notes.

We actually had another user ask for this functionality as well. We’re tracking this idea in the feature request post below, and I’ve added a comment for you which links to this forum post.

I’ll bring this up internally as well.


Awesome, thanks for the quick reply! It’s been a while since I’ve used the software and I thought I might have just forgotten how to reorder them :sweat_smile:

I can work around it for now, glad you guys are working on the feature tho!