When Starting Logic 2.4.1, I get ERROR:gbm_wrapper.cc

Ubuntu 20.04
Logic 2.4.1
When I start Logic, I get

Process ID: 103099
[103133:1030/130753.466093:ERROR:gbm_wrapper.cc(292)] Failed to export buffer to dma_buf: No such file or directory (2)

[103133:1030/130753.466093:ERROR:gbm_wrapper.cc(292)] Failed to export buffer to dma_buf: No such file or directory (2)

Logic 2.4.1 seems to work Ok.

@Thomas Sorry to hear about this. When you say Logic 2.4.1 seems to work OK, are you referring to a different version?

No, I refer to the latest version that was automatically downloaded.
Other than the error messages, everything seems normal.

Tom Dean

@Thomas Ah OK, understood. I had initially assumed that the errors meant that the Logic 2.4.1 version was failing to work. Glad to hear it’s working OK regardless of the errors.

I’m not quite sure off the top of my head what those errors mean, but I’ll bring this up with the software team. In the meantime, let us know if you observe any odd behavior.

@Thomas I had a chance to double check your errors with the software team here. It doesn’t seem like anything important, though I could certainly see your confusion with it. We really should clean this up.

We build our app using the Electron framework, and we recently updated our version of Chromium (which Electron uses). These errors could be associated with that, or it may be some kind of GPU driver error. Our best suggestion would be to ignore it for now, unless you notice odd behavior. In that case, do let us know!