] dri3 extension not supported

I’m getting a GPU error on the latest version of Logic:

$ ./App\ Images/Logic-2.4.1-master.AppImage 
/tmp/.mount_Logic-dkQOvu ~
  Executable path: /tmp/.mount_Logic-dkQOvu/Logic
  Executable directory: /tmp/.mount_Logic-dkQOvu
  Original working directory: /home/zak
  Current working directory: /tmp/.mount_Logic-dkQOvu
  Process ID: 18219
[18297:1015/] dri3 extension not supported.
[18219:1015/] After loading Root Certs, loaded==false: NSS error code: -8018

@Zak Oh no! From what I recall, you were running this on a System76 Serval WS with Pop!_OS, is that still the case?

Also, I’m curious to know if 2.4.1 is what specifically broke it for you. Could you revert back to 2.4.0 and let me know if that gets you up and running successfully? If so, that gives us a clue.