Ver: 2.2.8 Black screen and segfault

2.2.8 doesn’t work for me. It seems to load but it comes up with a black screen than then crashes.
Linux Ubuntu 18.04.4

I have a logic pro 8.

Here’s what I see in dmesg:

[678374.941870] Logic[28138]: segfault at fffffffd509023a4 ip 000055edfb93df68 sp 00007ffdedbcc610 error 5 in Logic[55edfb76e000+53a6000]

2.2.7 seems to have the same behavior (although it didn’t seem to segfault)

2.2.4 loads but I have not messed with it much.

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Sorry about that.
It might be the Python modules that we added, however, we’ll have to dig in into that.

Do you need me to try anything? Is there a debug log I can enable at the command line?

Sorry for the crash!

two things:

  1. could you launch the app from the terminal, and send us all output it generates (if any)?
  2. could you check the same directory as the app for a file named core? Not sure if there will be one - our application normally uploads errors to our servers automatically, but it’s unlikely that it’s even getting that far.

If there is no core file, and you happen to have gdb installed, could you try running it with dgb, and generate a core file once gdb has generated a crash?
Unfortunately, I don’t have a Linux machine at the moment (working from home) but it’s probably something like:

gdb Logic-2.2.8-master.AppImage
generate-core-file logic-core

If we get that, we could probably symbolicate it ourselves and find out what happened.

[markgarrison] markgarrison
March 26

Sorry for the crash!

Oh… No worries. Hopefully I can help sort it out.

But of course as these things go now it seems to be working.

It’s loading and running fine so I don’t know what state my system was
in to cause the stall and crash but if it happens again I’ll collect as
much info as I can from the console and gdb and pass it along.

An strace log would probably also be useful to know if it was due to
some part of the USB stack being in a unexpected state and returning an