Spi decoding starting from a marker


I cannot find anymore how to decode a spi log (or other protocol) starting from a marker. It was super easy on logic1

any idea how to do it?


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Hi @pierre, in Logic 2 we added trim support, which we thought users would prefer over manually restarting at a given point, however there are some cases where that’s not what the user wants. In your case, would you prefer to manually restart the analyzer from a point?

Trim can be done by right clicking the point in the capture where you want the trim to end (or start), and select it from the menu:

If you are pondering adding a “restart parsing” option a nice feature would be to to tag selected timing markers as restart points or to add restart markers. This would help the case where there are multiple devices on a bus and no available CSs to disambiguate traffic.

A really cool feature would be for Parsing Mode marker info to get passed into HLAs to help manage analysis regions in the data. Just some pipe dreaming going on here, but maybe it influences design decisions?

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Thanks! I just added a few more notes to the idea post below. The way I understood your 1st point was to allow a setting for each LLA to be tied to a timing marker pair, which tells that analyzer to only decode within that region. Is that what you had in mind? If so, the issue I see is that timing markers get deleted when starting a new capture, so this would have to be configured upon completion of every capture. Hopefully I understood your request correctly.

Also, could you go into more detail about Parsing Mode marker info getting passed into HLAs? I didn’t immediately understand your idea there, but perhaps an example scenario might help.

Your understanding of the first point is pretty close, and actually probably an improvement on my thinking. I was thinking of using selected individual markers as parse restart points, but a marker pair that gives start and stop points makes sense. Multiple such regions may be wanted for an analysis.

Losing the markers from on capture to another wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s extremely likely that the regions would be in different places from capture to capture anyway.

My thinking with Parsing Mode markers that are seen by HLAs is that you could use markers to modify the behavior of an HLA at specified points. That may mean that you could drop a marker to say there was a gain change on the input of a SPI connected ADC so that an HLA can report actual measurement units for values from the ADC for example.

Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve just had a round of Covid!

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Thanks @P.Jaquiery !