Starting an Analyzer at a Specific Point

Hello. Is it possible to manually set the start point of an analyzer or set the analysis range in Logic 2? I believe this is possible in the stable release (, but I’m not seeing how to do it in 2.3.3. Trimming the data is an option but setting the start point with a marker would be ideal. Thanks!

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Trimming is the way that you can do this in 2.X. One way this could work would be that when you go to the trim menu you can select a starting marker and an end marker (or pair) and then use that for trimming?

I should mention that you can trim today based on a marker pair. If you create one, then in the right menu you can open the options menu vertical … and select Trim to Range

Thanks for your quick response @Neel. I was aware that trimming would be an option, but eventually it would be good to have the capability of using markers for this rather than trimming in 2.x, as we can do in 1.x. I wonder if this is something that would be worth having on the roadmap? If you think so, I will make a suggestion.

I’ll note that using markers for this rather than trimming (which indeed can be done with markers) is useful because a single SPI transaction can by decoded, for example, and then the next transaction can be decoded separately in turn. Trimming discards the underlying data, when sometimes it is helpful to decode section-by-section without discarding data.

Ah this makes sense. Yes, please feel free to add to the ideas page Thank you!