SOLVED — How to use the I²C Transactions extension?

How to use the I²C Transactions extension?

I don’t see much change whether the extension is enable or disable.

Thank you!

You should see another data row with the combined results:

No luck.

The extension is turned on…

…but I see no additional line with the combined results.

Hey @rei_vilo, you will need to add the I2C Transactions analyzer in the analyzer tab, and select your existing i2c analyzer as input.

Btw, we have an improvement coming soon that will list what is included in an extension (HLAs, Measurements). Hopefully that will help add some clarity.


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You need to add the extension as a new analyzer to activate it. Sorry for not being clear…

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Thank you for the procedure. It works as expected now.

It would be worth mentioning the procedure on how to use an extension in the general documentation or in the extension repository.