Save / Restore user defined notes with captures

This already has an idea entry in the system: User Notes - Logic 2 - Ideas and Feature Requests - Saleae

But, I’d like to be additionally loud and pleading. I’m hoping that the effort to effect ratio is weighted heavily toward effect. I’m trying to tweak a design and so I’m adding / subtracting resistance to various places and in general puttering around trying different things to see how the signals respond. As such, for each capture I take I’d like to record the hardware tweaks so I know what I did when. I suppose I could record this separately but then I could misplace them or fail to match them up. It’s all around best to have it all in one file if at all possible. So, pretty please, with sugar on top?


@Collin I completely agree with you. I just added this to our internal discussion list this week. I also added the notes you provided here in the “User Notes” idea post to make sure we can keep track of all the info you provided in one place.

You’re absolutely right about how cumbersome this is right now. It’s certainly not ideal to cram as much info as possible into the filename, and keeping track of a separate .txt file for that capture is also not great as it can be easily lost. This is actually how I keep track of notes for my captures right now, and I can confirm it’s a big pain!

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As I seem to be on a “what our similar software does” kick: We have a note pad associated with each document we record (file == document == session) for just this reason. Ultimately this just means providing a rudimentary text editing window and making the text part of the file that is ultimately recorded.

I second Collin’s plea.

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thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.