Analog offset changes for saved captures

I have been doing some analog logging, and I saved a waveform that had a section at 79 mV. When I opened it up later, that part had changed to 379 mV. This has been driving us crazy for a couple of days because the difference is relevant to a question we’re trying to answer. Finally I took a photo of the screen with my phone when it was displaying correctly (We did take independent measurements), and then now I see the same saved capture is 300mV higher. Is there some calibration that’s not getting handled correctly for saved captures?

I also caught it doing the same thing on a .csv capture.

Hey @Adrian!

First of all, my apologies for that. Can you share the saved capture with us (here or via email)?
We’d love to look into this.


The capture is 16 MB, and you have a limit of 4 here. Below are camera phone screen shots of the original and after saving and opening.

Hi Adrian, sorry for the file size limitation. Could you try uploading it using the link below?