Run both versions?

I installed the 1.2.18 version and 2.2.6, but it seems like the new overwrote the old one?
Can’t we have both versions installed at once?

I have bothe the old Saleae 16, and the new Logic Pro 16, and since v2 is alpha, I would like to have stable at the same time as option to test new stuff…

What OS are you running?

I am running Windows 10

For me its working.
I have installed the 1.2.18 stable version and the 2.2.6 version and both can run individually.
I’m also using Windows 10.

Alas my brain forked from Windows land too long ago to be helpful here with specifics but it should be possible. IIRC, windows installers usually let you choose your install directory so perhaps choose something different from the default?

ah, yes that worked.

But v1.2 defaults to install under “C:\Program Files\Saleae Inc” and v2 defaults to “C:\Program Files\Logic”, but installing v1.2 after made it work. so I guess the v2 installer have some uninstall action going on?