Question about hover measurements

First, I’ve got to say the Logic 2 software has really come into its own - I’ve been using it a lot lately and it is very nice.

One question I have though is in terms of the hover measurement. I’m measuring between two negative pulses and hover between them it does two things:

The top measures the inside - left side rising signal and right side falling signal.
The bottom measures the rising to rising.

In my case, the rising to rising is not the accurate part of the signal, but rather the falling to falling. Is there an option to change the way this works? I realize you have two choices and 4 possibilities, but what about an option that allows the selection of the top and selection of the bottom?

The hover is measuring from the nearest left edge (rising or falling) to the next two edges so you can move your cursor so that the falling edge is the nearest left edge. In practice that may mean you need to zoom in enough so that the pulse is wide enough to position the cursor inside the pulse.

@Saleae that prompts the thought that a smart “toggle zoom” hot key would be really nice in a situation like this to quickly switch back to the big view. The smart bit is in figuring out what the “previous” zoom was.

I see now, if I zoom in enough and position inside the pulse I get what I want. Thanks!

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@P.Jaquiery thanks for the idea! I got that logged below:

A zoom-level bookmark (via keyboard shortcut) might help as well, without needing any sort of smarts built in to the function. Press a shortcut to save the current zoom level and viewpoint, then zoom in to your heart’s desire, then press the shortcut to recall your previous zoom level.