Publish extension error "There was an error processing your request, please try again"


I’m trying to publish an HLA extension and it’s not working, so I might be doing something wrong…
The steps are:

  1. Created HLA extension and tested it in Logic 2
  2. Created repo in github: GitHub - agknaton/Saleae-printf-parse-text-to-terminal: HLA extension for Saleae 2
  3. Pushed code to repo and created tag/release v1.0.0
  4. Entered the repo in Saleae Marketplace
  5. Authorized Saleae Marketplace (on all my repos even)
  6. Get error “There was an error processing your request, please try again” from publish website

Anyone can help me to find out what I’m missing?

Thanks so much for contributing your extension! Hm… it looks like something went wrong with the upload for some reason. I can confirm you followed the publish steps properly.

I’ll have to dive into the database with the team to see what could have gone wrong. I’ll follow up once we know more about what could have caused this.

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@agknaton I’ve scheduled a meeting with the software team to review this case on Thursday. I’ll follow up around then on our findings.

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Sorry for the delay on this @agknaton we think we know what the issue is and will fix it soon. I wanted to check first - how did you add the tag to the repo? I just want to check if it was an “annotated” tag or a “lightweight” tag.

Also sorry this isn’t fixed yet, we discovered the issue several weeks ago now.

Hello, it was an annotated tag.

For full context, I use git-flow to generate releases and manage the branches. An equivalent in plain git commands is shown here: A comparison of using `git flow` commands versus raw `git` commands. · GitHub.

For now I just created a new lightweight tag as bugfix (v1.0.1). Then it works! The extension became available for install in Logic 2 immediately.

@agknaton Thanks for the information on your workflow. I’ll share it with Mark in case we need to fix anything in our software to accomodate that. Glad to hear that creating the lightweight tag ended up working out!

Ok, we’ve fixed the marketplace too, it now supports annotated git tags as well as lightweight tags.


and my measurement analyzer finally updated - Yay. :grin:

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