Is there a minimum publishing cadance for extensions?

I messed up the version number format in my extension.json file (I decided x.y was fine - Saleae’s marketplace pipeline requires x.y.z) with the result that updates after my first release don’t show up in the marketplace. The second time round I noticed a heads up about the broken version number so I fixed it and published a new release within a few minutes. The later release seems to have been ignored by the marketplace pipeline.

  • is there a minimum time before a new release will be published?
  • will my new release be published eventually, or do I need to generate a new release?
  • is there some other issue with my release that I haven’t noticed (this is for my new ReSearch HLA)

Peter, we have on our backlog to look into this. Sorry we haven’t fixed it yet. There is definitely something wrong with our extension update system. Our next bug bashing day is the 7th, we’ll look into it then. In the meantime, I’ll try to manually update it.