Marketplace HLA Releases / Versions

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Rookie question…

Do I need to “Publish” new releases of a HLA? Or will Logic2 see each new release on GitHub and update itself automatically?

Background: Logic2 didn’t seem to be aware of my update (v1.0.1) of the new u-blox UBX analyzer after I released it on GitHub. I re-published it and that seemed to do the trick. I’m not sure if the re-publish was strictly necessary? (Or whether I was just being impatient, and Logic2 would have spotted the update anyway?)

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See Is there a minimum publishing cadance for extensions? - I have had a similar issue several times. Saleae think its a bug in their extension update system.

@pc235603 @P.Jaquiery We’ve got a fix coming up in the next release, and we’re hoping that solves this! This is a bug in the current and previous releases of the app.

The intent is that Logic2 should see each new release on GitHub automatically.

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