PD3.1 Analyzer

Hi ,
I’m using PD3.1 analyzer in saleae to parse CC lines.
I was able to do it , but now I want to export it to a csv file using the HLA-USB-PD , is it possible?

I’m using this code line in a script: PD_CC1_analyzer = capture.add_high_level_analyzer(‘C:\Users\lab_ccd01\Downloads\hla-usb-pd-master\hla-usb-pd-master’,‘PD3.1 Analyzer’,input_analyzer=Manch_CC1_analyzer, label=f’PD_CC1’)
but getting this error:

Although the analyzer is installed indeed.

Did you install the HLA from the path indicated:

… or was installed from Saleae marketplace, such as:

OR (more generically)


… which might be (for you):

… assuming that 155 is always assigned by Saleae marketplace for ‘PD3.1 Analyzer’ HLA for everyone who installs it (??)

Note: the <#> above needs to be replaced with whatever Saleae Logic 2 chose for the extension number when installed. It would be nice if Saleae included a pre-defined variable that corresponded to the marketplace path regardless of host (Windows, Linux or Mac), as well as a way to identify this subdirectory/extension number automatically.

Just confirm or find the path in the extensions subdir on your PC with the extension.json that contains:
"name": "PD3.1 Analyzer",

Unfortunately, Saleae does not have a universal method of finding extensions and especially their path strings. It is even a problem for the save files (*.sal), as the extension directory is based on a user-specific pathname.

Note: you can save a capture file with the "PD3.1 Analyzer" added, and confirm the path string used by the Saleae software. Just ‘unzip’ the saved capture file (*.sal) [1] and search for "name":"PD3.1 Analyzer","path":"C:\Users\<...>" within the meta.json to see the path saved.

[1] For reference, a saved capture file (extension *.sal) can be unzipped to see the internal contents. You can right-click and select (from 7-Zip context menu) to “Extract files…”, or rename the file extension from *.sal to *.zip and use any other unzipping utility.