PD 3.1 analyzer

Hi Saleae,

Why can’t set up for the PD 3.1 analyzer

@fei.wu Thanks for writing in. The USB PD HLA (high level analyzer) needs to be configured with an existing supported LLA (low level analyzer) as an input — in particular, the Manchester analyzer.

Instructions for this are provided on the USB PD (Biphase Mark Code) extension page like shown below.

@fei.wu I just realized that you are using a different USB PD analyzer developed by a community user and not by us. Have you followed their instructions on their extension overview page?

Thanks Timreyes,

Yes, the PD 3.1 CC signal is the Manchester coding, but when I switch to Manchester protocol, and follow the PD3.1’s setting, mode is FN1, bit rate is 300000, the script show below error, do you know what reason cause it, thanks.

@fei.wu As a quick check, it looks like the original developer uploaded 2 versions of their extension (one is version 0.0.6, and the other is 0.0.4). Are you using 0.0.6? It’s possible they may have fixed this bug in that version.

In any case, since we did not develop the HLA, your best bet would be to reach out to the original developer who uploaded the extension to our extensions marketplace in case you are still running into issues with version 0.0.6 if their extension. It looks like they’ve allowed for posting issues on their GitHub repository for this extension via the link below.

Thanks Timreyes,

I have fixed this issue. Thanks again,

Another question for DP AUX analyzer, I found a DP AUX analyzer on the github, can you let me know where folder path should be put the compiled *dll file

Alex-the-Smart/DPAUXAnalyzer: Display Port AUX Analyzer for Saleae Logic (github.com)

@fei.wu I’m glad to hear you were able to solve that! Instructions for installing a custom analyzer LLA (low level analyzer) are provided below.