Minor usability glitch - hitting shift while typing can change cursor focus


If you’re renaming something in the main interface, like a channel name, if your cursor is in the main chart area, and you hit “shift” to enter a capitalized letter, the text field looses focus and the typing stops working.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch Logic with no device connected (also works with device connected)
  2. Select a sample device (or connected device)
  3. Click capture, wait 1 second, click stop capture
  4. Double Click on the name of a channel (ie “Channel 0”) on the left side to select entire name
  5. Move cursor to point at recorded/sample data (to not block view of text that is being typed)
  6. Press and hold shift
  7. Type first character of new name
  8. Release shift

Expected result

I can keep typing the channel name.

Actual result

Text field is unfocused and channel name is set to a single capitalized character.

Subsequently typed characters are ignored (and don’t count as keyboard shortcuts).


If cursor is in the middle of text field (no text selected), on the initial press of “shift”, focus is lost.

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Thanks for reporting this! We were just looking at exactly the same problem, but with the timing marker labels:

I’ll get this into the bug backlog. Thanks! Hopefully it’s the same issue and we can fix both at the same time.