Mapping channel

Is it possible to do below shown mapping of channel. If yes how It can be done, please guide.
I am using logic Pro 8 red.
1.8v 3.3v
0 < -------->4 cs
1 <--------->5 mosi
2 < -------->6 miso
3 <--------->7 clk

What are you trying to achieve? All the inputs on the Logic Pro hardware are equivalent so it doesn’t matter what signals you record on any particular input. Note that you can drag the channels around in Logic 2 so that the channels are in whatever order is most convenient to you.

When you configure the SPI analyzer you can use whichever inputs are connected to the various SPI signals so the inputs used don’t matter there either.

I have a microcontroller(3.3V) and a microprocessor (1.8V)

I wanted to use logic analyzer to act as bridge between these two.

                                7 |
                               6  |
                               5  |
                               4  |------------->[processor]1.8v
   logic Pro 8                 3  |
                               2  |
                               1  |
                               0  |------------->[controller]3.3v

Want to pass/forward logic level from channel 0 to channel 4, vise-versa.
If this feature is available, please tell me how I can use/enable it.

That is not a job that a logic analyzer does. Ideally a logic analyzer does not alter the operation of a device being tested at all, but simply monitors the signals generated by the device.

Modern Saleae analyzers can be configured to work with different logic levels used by devices they are connected to by adjusting the voltage threshold that is used to distinguish between a 1 and a 0. Because a simple threshold voltage is used, in most cases the 1.8V level can be used with a 3.3V system and will work correctly so you can probably use the analyzer to monitor the signals generated by both processors, but the analyzer can not be used between the devices to do the voltage level translation.

What you are looking for is a level shifter or voltage translator - either active or passive.

Yes, this was just to by pass using level shifter during development.