[Logic v2.4.1] High CPU usage with low-level analyzer

I’ve created a custom low-level analyzer, it’s working. However, the CPU usage remains high long after the analyzer results are created. I’ve also noticed a high Disk usage by Logic which I cannot explain.

It takes a couple seconds for the analyzer results to pop up, but CPU usage stays high for minutes afterwards with no user input. Why? Why is there disk activity at all? Where is it writing data? The analyzer doesn’t write anything to disk.

Naturally, trying to operate the computer and Logic while at 100% CPU utilization is a frustrating experience.

@kostka Oh no! I suspect your analyzer might be stuck in a loop (though the completed checkmarks seem to say otherwise).

Could you write me (Tim) a message using the link below and can you attach the following? In your message, you can reference this forum post so that I know it’s you when it arrives.

  • A copy of your .sal capture file
  • Your source code for your analyzer
  • Your analyzer .dll file so we can attempt to reproduce the issue

If the attachments somehow fail to upload (due to file size limitations), let me know in your message to me and I can send you an upload link.

@timreyes I sent you a message at the provided link and attached the requested files.

One last note: I’m able to debug the analyzer and can see the WorkerThread function successfully exit, but the Analyzer deconstructor is never hit. I can’t debug what is happening since it’s somewhere outside of my code.

Thanks @kostka ! We saw your email just now (sorry, we were closed for the long weekend on holiday by the time your message came in). We’ll review your source code and we can continue our chat via email with our recommendations and findings.

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