Logic 8 analog input is no longer reading correct

We have a Logic 8 that we use all the time. I just realized today that channel 1 is no longer reading analog voltage accurately. For a 3.3V signal it is reading ~2.6V. I confirmed this a couple of ways, but one way was by putting channels 0 and 1 on the same clip. Channel 0 read the correct voltage while channel 1 was off.

I have never needed 8 analog channels at the same time, so this is not a big deal, but I did wonder if the digital reading of this input may be affected as well? Would you have any idea about this without having the device to look at it?

@awolfe Oh no! It looks like your device may have gone faulty. Our devices shouldn’t have that much of a channel-to-channel discrepancy in analog voltage readings, even for uncalibrated units.

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I don’t suspect the digital readings will be affected. Digital signals go through a completely different front-end path as compared to analog signals. Something in CH1’s analog front-end has likely gone bad even before the signal reaches the ADC.