Logic 2.3.6: Text copied from Terminal results scrambled

I’m using Logic 2.3.5 and an SPI analyser.

When copy-pasting the Terminal output to a text file, some sequences are scrambled.

0x0000/0x00 0x00FF/0x00

instead of (I presume)

0x00/0x00 0x00/0x00 0x00/0x00 0xFF/0x00

I’m attaching the logic trace and the text file.

Scrambled.sal (57.4 KB)
Text scrambled.txt (56.2 KB)

Thanks @rei_vilo . I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue over here. What OS are you on, and how are you generating your .txt file exactly?

Also, does the “0x0000” scrambling happen consistently at the same place every time? I’m wondering if it’s some sort of odd race condition that only happens once in a while.

Sorry for not mentioning: the OS is macOS 14.15.6.

I’m generating the txt file by copying the whole text from the terminal and pasting it into TextEdit, the macOS basic editor.

I haven’t found a way to save the content of the terminal through a menu of Logic. Maybe a feature to add to ensure a reliable export.

Reloading the same trace Scrambled.sal now shows a truncated output in the terminal.

For example, the two lines highlighted above are missing the final 00.

0x21/0x00 0x00/0x00 0x44/0x00 0x00/0x00 0x18/0x00 0x45/0x
0xC7/0x00 0x00/0x00 0x4E/0x00 0x00/0x00 0x4F/0x00 0x00/0x

Resizing the right panel doesn’t make the missing 00 appear.

So the terminal seems to display the signal improperly.

This time, it was Logic 2.3.6 on macOS 14.15. I changed the title of the thread accordingly.

Thanks. Although I can’t reproduce the “0x000”, I can confirm that the terminal output is truncated in your latest Scrambled.sal file.

Interestingly, my version of your Scrambled.sal file truncates a bit differently (nevertheless, still truncates).

We’ll get this on the backlog to fix!

The issue is still present on new release Alpha 2.3.8.

@rei_vilo Sorry we haven’t included the fix in v2.3.8. Still on our backlog at the moment.

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Does 2.3.9 include a fix for this issue? It doesn’t seem so.

@rei_vilo Nope, not in 2.3.9 either. We had some high priority features/bugs to focus on in 2.3.9 (namely the high CPU usage bug that we just fixed). We don’t have an official release date for this truncation bug, but we did just move it up in priority on our bugs backlog.

The issue is still there on release 2.3.14.