Logic 2.3.59

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  • Support for the upcoming Logic Pro 8 Revision 5.0.0. New Logic Pro 8s will require this release or newer. Due to supply chain issues, we’ve changed one of the components in the device. There is no functional difference in the new revision.
  • Logic 2 Automation Beta API is now available! Read more about it in this post . Get started by reading the docs here .
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I just tested this version and found a crash bug. If I test with simulated data and only test a single analog channel then pushing start causes a crash. If the single channel also is selected digital at the same time it does not crash. Really, if any digital channel is also selected it does not crash. It seems to crash if only analog channels are selected with no digital. I did not test with a Saleae Logic connected as it’s not in the same room as me.

@Collin Sorry about this bug! We just confirmed it on our end. It looks like it’s related to the change we recently made to enable analyzer simulation by default.

We’re working on a fix asap!

The changelog linked to from the update notification hasn’t been updated: Saleae - Changelog

Oops, just fixed it! Thanks for the heads up.

May I know how I can set the view of each data in hex number to display two digits?
I’m now using the plugin I2C Transactions; as the attached picture shows.

@hbchengwh The source code in the location below will likely need to be modified to add the leading 0s since the hex type conversion doesn’t automatically do it.

More information on HLAs and the source code format is described below.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any specific trouble with that.

@timreyes Thanks for your response, may I know I just need to copy your code and attach then to the end of the file HighLevelAnalyzer.py? Sorry, I’m not good at that.
Thanks again.

@hbchengwh Sorry for the confusion with that! I simply pointed out the section of the source code that would need to be modified. However, it does not contain the details of the modifications needed.

Let me look into the exact changes that would need to be made. I’ll get back to you on this.